Madaket Health is making complex interactions between payers and providers simpler every day. Administrative paperwork that used to take months to process – and lots of calls back and forth between provider and payer offices – can now be submitted in a matter of minutes using the Madaket solution.

Providers naturally appreciate what Madaket is doing to make their lives easier when it comes to working with payers. Payers, too, are looking for ways to improve on the status quo following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. See what a senior executive at a top five payer had to say:

“Eight years ago, insurance companies had incentive to avoid the sickest patients, renegotiate for more favorable contract terms from providers, and extend accounts payable to providers for as long as possible. Today, we’re choosing the sickest patients that we can make well, collaborating more with providers, and paying our providers faster.”

While providers and payers are working hard on improving clinical outcomes for patients, we at Madaket are dedicated to making administrative hassles go away. For now, that means improving payer-provider relations and speeding up payments one enrollment at a time!

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