The only way to move forward is together.

At Madaket, we’re building allegiances with the entire healthcare ecosystem—providers, payers, and partners—working towards a unified goal: to automate healthcare administration.

Our platform is all-in-one and one-for-all.

Whatever your role in provider data management, we can help. We’ll ask the tough questions and poke around your processes, then implement our solution to maximize your admin ops efficiency.




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We mediate provider-payer relationships, so you don’t have to.


We’re here to transform your admin ops.

Between burnout, mergers, consolidation, and COVID, we recognize the immeasurable stress and strain on healthcare providers. That’s all on top of the tedious administrative minutiae that must get done day in and day out.

No matter the domain – primary care, dentistry, mental health, optometry, telehealth and more – our goal is to empower all providers to do more with less. With Madaket, providers enter data into our platform once, and in a few clicks, apply that data across all payers. Our signature Provider Profile connects your data everywhere it needs to be.

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Round icon to represent The sweet synchronization for all your provider data needs.

The sweet synchronization for all your provider data needs.

We know most payers have bureaucratic, unique processes for getting basic admin tasks done. The fact is most payers struggle to keep up with provider data management like most of us.

Except for Madaket, where our platform makes the movement of data much more efficient and cost-effective. Our interconnected library of more than 4,000 payers is designed with a single and simple goal in mind: to help any payer help any provider deliver care and get paid for it. It’s a win-win.

Download the Madaket Provider Directory Management (PDM) solution sheet to understand the impact of the No Surprises Act on your provider directories and see how Madaket can help automate and modernize provider data management to guarantee accuracy and NSA-compliance.

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Round icon to represent The sweet synchronization for all your provider data needs.

For everyone else under the sun in healthcare administration.

At the intersection of delivering care and reimbursement, clearinghouses, MSOs, and RCM partners are critical to their provider and payer customers. We realized we could help—by eliminating manual steps and static spreadsheets and introducing automation as the new standard.

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Healthcare admin craves more automation and less autonomy.

The Madaket Provider Data Management (PDM) platform is the single source of truth for the zillions of data points that flow between providers, payers, and the partners they work with.

We create deep partnerships with our customers to help build solutions that work best for their organizations and their unique needs.

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Provider Profile

The Cloud has never looked this good. Central command to manage, store, and share provider data in real-time—connected everywhere it needs to be.

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Payer Enrollment

We handle all the complex connections across thousands of payers. All you need to know is fast and easy enrollments to any payer start here.

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Provider verification made simple. You request it, our platform processes it fast.

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EDI Enrollment

The crucial steps of electronic data interchange (EDI). At breakneck speed.

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Analytics & Insights

Data dashboards for the rest of us. We expose your weakest link to find revenue that may be hiding out.

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