What the healthcare industry has struggled to accomplish for over a decade, Madaket has done in a few short years. They’ve created a common application form for providers to use with payers. Madaket’s portal is like a universal patient record for provider data.” – Art Wrightson, served as Director of Provider Experience at Anthem, current healthcare industry consultant

Here at Madaket, as we deepen our relationships with the 625,000 providers who are already on their way into our system, we’ve heard plenty of positive feedback. Providers are happy to transition from “fax to cloud” and eliminate manual paperwork related to enrollments. With a few simple clicks online, Madaket digitally delivers provider data to all payers.

When we talk to payers about our solution, we’re also getting enthusiastic responses. The passage of the Affordable Care Act gave the healthcare industry impetus to overhaul patient-facing processes. The case for universal patient records – as this Forbes article lays out well – is clear. However, in the back office, providers and payers still struggle with inefficient processes and IT systems that don’t talk to each other. Competing priorities, antiquated patchwork systems, and bureaucracy have specifically kept payers from cooperating to develop common standards.

Enter Madaket Health. We are a neutral third party and a true technology company (founded by a MIT lecturer and MIT engineers). Three years ago, we took it upon ourselves to develop common web form that allows any provider in the US to easily enroll with any payer. Think of it as a “common application” for the provider universe. We took on the risk of building something radically new because we could see the benefits. And we’re glad providers and payers are catching on.

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