Madaket Overview

The average healthcare provider works with 25 payers. Providers must be enrolled with payers to receive payments. Each payer requires a unique set of forms, procedures, and data to be submitted in order to enroll for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), Electronic Data Interchange for Claims (EDI) and other common provider-payer transactions. When providers make minor changes to their enrollment information, they must submit these forms again.

It takes months for payers to fully process provider enrollments – and months before providers start receiving correct payments. Time is wasted dealing with paper forms, correcting manual errors, and tracking down the status of enrollments. Madaket automates the enrollment process.  Providers fill out a simple online form once, and Madaket sends the right information to each applicable payer. The result? Less paperwork, faster payment.

Madaket has exclusive partnerships with TriZetto Provider Solutions and HealthStream to handle 100% of their enrollment business. Through these channel partners, Madaket has 300,000 providers in its system and an additional 325,000 providers under contract on their way into the service.