Advance provider data management once-and-for-all.

Our all-in-one solution eliminates administrative waste by digitizing provider data management (PDM) for all parties involved, on one automated platform.

Finally, a platform that manages the complexities of provider data management for you.

There’s an estimated quarter-trillion dollars that could be saved through healthcare administration simplification. There are proven processes and technologies that, when united, can create more efficiency across the healthcare ecosystem. Madaket PDM was created to be that single, simple, cloud-based and SOC 2 compliant solution.

A platform built on in-house innovations, industry partnerships, and custom integrations, Madaket’s technology automates the manual and error-prone processes that are pervasive in revenue cycle tasks and provider data exchange. We bring essential provider operations—licensing, enrollment, expirables, verification, and CME management—under one roof and set it up so you can complete them all with ease.

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Why Madaket?

More than 80% of U.S. provider groups use Madaket PDM for their key provider operations. It’s engineered to help you make your data more organized and accurate without adding additional staff to get it all done. The result: fewer errors and less time to submit each application for a faster turnaround.

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A single point of access across the lifecycle.

We configure and automate the tasks for provider enrollment—taking you all the way from submission to approval.

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Go digital and never look back.

When you gather and store your data on our secure, cloud-based platform, you unlock a single source of truth for provider data collection, maintenance, and distribution.

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Root out administrative waste and grow your bottom line.

Our platform ensures the business of healthcare gets done on time and without adding to your company’s headcount.

The Proof is in Our Platform

Bringing Speed, Precision, and Efficiency to Provider Credentialing

How Madaket’s custom solutions and automation decreased the average time one organization spent on enrollment tasks by 85%.

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Our Cornerstone Solutions

Provider Data Exchange (PDX)

Our one-stop solution helps payers remain compliant with the No Surprises Act and avoid costly penalties.

  • Real-time provider directory data management through automated roster ingestion and seamless ad hoc update submissions
  • Easy, customizable data-gathering and verification processes to save time, ensure data accuracy, and maintain NSA compliance
  • Comprehensive payer reporting dashboards for real-time visibility and insights into your provider data
  • Fast, accurate data exchange with data delivered in the format that works best for your unique needs and workflows

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Payer Enrollment

We maintain our 4,000+ payer library—and all the configurations—so reimbursement is painless, precise, and fast.

  • Access our platform to quickly initiate payer enrollments, tax ID associations, and new practice locations with any payer in our nationwide library
  • Build and manage a participation list for all your providers for all your operating states, including a summary of all the enrollment, re-enrollment, and administrative tasks required by your payers
  • Clear and flexible task management to seamlessly delegate responsibilities between enrollment managers, operations staff, and providers
  • Available for medical, mental health, dental, and vision providers across traditional and telehealth care delivery models

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Unique Provider Profile

We manage your provider data and relationships across your entire organization.

  • Access up-to-the minute and accurate information for every provider, location, group, and facility
  • Create and customize rosters to meet reporting requirements from payers, CMS, and other regulators
  • Integrate with CAQH and other sources
  • Track and take action on medical licensure, board certifications, and other expirables to keep your providers in compliance
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We manage the complex process for multi-state licensing so you know what’s pending, what’s missing, and what’s good to go.

  • We make multi-state licensure a snap: track renewal deadlines, view and compare state licensure requirements and specific CME requirements by state
  • Receive reports to exchange with compliance and regulatory agencies
  • Want someone else to handle new license apps and renewals? Ask us how we can help


A real-time administrative solution built to remove as many of the box-checking tasks in continuing education as possible, powered by Mocingbird.

  • Curated requirements and course recommendations for all 50 state licensing boards
  • Comprehensive and intuitive profiles for all of your providers so you can easily manage data, track credits, and organize documentation
  • Engage with providers on their desktop or mobile device with easily configured notifications
  • Combine CME/CEU management with payer enrollment to maintain compliance with your existing payer networks, or expand into new ones
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A platform for (all) the people.

We partner with all, compete with none.




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