At the recent MGMA conference in Nashville, we met with lots of healthcare providers, as well as intermediaries who specialize in credentialing and enrollment. One healthcare intermediary we met talked about a major pain point that everyone in the industry faces faces—enrollment errors generated on the payer side. Even when providers or their vendors submit 100% accurate and complete information that meet payer requirements, their enrollments can still be held up in processing for a long time. That’s because payers often manually key in data from thousands of forms they receive from providers everyday.

This particular intermediary immediately “got” how Madaket can help providers. By giving providers—or their partner intermediaries—an easy online portal to enter enrollment data once, Madaket drastically reduces complexity and room for error on the provider side. Now, that takes care of the providers. What about payers? As more payers integrate with Madaket’s system and we help move the industry toward machine-to-machine data exchange, processing time, error rates, and costs to everyone will be reduced. We were happy to hear this intermediary say, “Madaket has a chance to be the main platform for all provider-to-payer enrollment communications!”

That is certainly our vision, and we’re glad to hear from the people we’re trying to serve—healthcare providers and intermediaries—that they “get” the value too! If you’d like to find out how Madaket can help improve your operations, contact us today.

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