The Madaket team is excited to be attending the 7th Annual Becker’s Health IT + Digital Health + RCM Meeting. The in-person meeting will be held October 4-7 at the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.

We’re excited to attend, exhibit, and showcase our PDM platform, which is used by more than 80% of U.S. provider groups for their key provider operations. Come talk to us at booth 1808 about payer enrollment and how we can help you practice effective revenue cycle management.

Read the agenda and learn more information about the conference. You can contact us through email at or reach out to us on LinkedIn to let us know if we’ll see you there.

Fill out this form and we’ll reach out to schedule a time to connect.

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Find out why the proof is in our platform

Our updated platform page gives you new insights into how our solution will simplify provider data management for your organization. Our provider data management (PDM) platform brings essential provider operations—licensing, enrollment, expirables, verification, and CME management—enables you to complete these tasks with ease. See our cornerstone solutions.

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A single point of access across the lifecycle.

We configure and automate the tasks for provider enrollment—taking you all the way from submission to approval.

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Go digital and never look back.

When you gather and store your data on our secure, cloud-based platform, you unlock a single source of truth for provider data collection, maintenance, and distribution.

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Root out administrative waste and grow your bottom line.

Our platform ensures the business of healthcare gets done on time and without adding to your company’s headcount.

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Healthcare credentialing is a complex, but necessary process to ensure your organization’s revenue. However, healthcare organizations’ processes and systems are largely not keeping up with the complexity: as recently as 2019, up to two-thirds of healthcare organizations were found to still be using manual tools like spreadsheets to track health data. Automation is a key solution that can speed up administrative processes, save your organization time and money, and ultimately make a positive impact on patients.

Our two-part blog series on improving your payer enrollment process will give you important information on the foundation of payer enrollment, and tips on how to improve your administrative processes. Read part one for an overview on payer enrollment, and part two to learn best practices for improving your current processes.

Learn from our recent case study

Companies like MedNetworx, a medical software company, often rely on a manual-first credentialing process—the organization, initiation, and submission of provider data. This meant the MedNetworx team was spending 20 hours per week on enrollment tasks alone. That is nowhere near a sustainable or efficient workload. They were able to take advantage of our PDM platform to alleviate the strain on their admin team.

Download our recent case study which demonstrates how our platform leverages automation to decrease time spent on administrative tasks by up to 85%.

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Explore our new partnerships

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State medical licensing and credentialing services with Licentiam

Integrating Licentiam’s licensing and credentialing services into our platform marks another important step in modernizing and streamlining these processes for providers everywhere. The partnership will help Madaket users meet requirements needed for state licensure and remain compliant. See the press release detailing the partnership.

Continuing medical education tracking and automation with Mocingbird

Obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications is a difficult, and time-consuming practice for many practices. In an industry where technology is becoming increasingly important to effective processes, we understand how important this is to have a successful practice. We’re excited to be partnered with Mocingbird, a cloud-based SaaS CME management platform, to expand our automation offerings with medical licenses and certification management.

Take a look at the press release to learn more about the partnership.

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