The partnership will further enhance Madaket’s provider data management platform with Mocingbird’s leading continuing education tracking and automation

CAMBRIDGE, MA, July 12, 2022 – Madaket Health, a leading provider data management platform enabling automated information flow between healthcare payers and providers, announced today additional automation offerings with the expansion of medical licenses and certification management by partnering with Mocingbird, a leading cloud-based SaaS CME management platform.

Traditional management of medical licenses and certifications requires medical personnel to stay updated on unique rules, regulations and deadlines associated with their state licenses and board certifications on top of completing necessary continuing education. Now through the Madaket Health platform, users can access Mocingbird’s technology that allows administrators and clinicians to automate the process of managing licenses and certifications. This integration will expand the credentialing solution inside Madaket’s Provider Data Management (PDM) cloud-based platform, which is used by more than 80% of provider groups in the U.S. to exchange data for critical healthcare administrative functions like payer enrollment, credentialing, and licensing.

“Clinicians don’t work in healthcare, so they spend more time on paperwork than they do on patient care, and they have enough to remember without navigating the changing guidelines associated with licensing and certification upkeep,” said Eric Demers, Chief Executive Officer of Madaket Health. “By connecting the Mocingbird offering to the Madaket platform, users can streamline another piece of their ongoing administrative work which means less time remembering deadlines and more time to spend with patients making a difference.”

Founded by two physicians, Mocingbird assists providers by automating the ongoing credentialing associated with licensing and CME compliance. Within the Madaket platform, users can view and manage CME/CEU progress to reduce the risk of falling out of compliance with regulatory agencies and payer requirements with the ability to send notifications to individual clinicians who need to complete ongoing education soon.

“From individual clinicians to healthcare organizations, Mocingbird and Madaket share a vision of fixing the inefficiencies and redundancies in clinician credentialing,” said Dr. Ian Madom, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Mocingbird. “Together, we’re delivering the medical professional community a stronger, real-time administrative solution built to remove as many of the box-checking tasks in continuing education as possible. This partnership is an important step to creating a healthcare administrative ecosystem that’s more streamlined and less tedious for clinicians everywhere.”

This expanded automation can support MD, DO, PA, NP and RN professionals.

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About Mocingbird

Mocingbird is a cloud-based platform that improves medicine and clinician well-being by eliminating the chaos of ongoing credentialing and delivering high-impact Continuing Medical Education. For individual clinicians, we develop a one-stop solution to validate, track, document, and calculate the CME requirements for the maintenance of their professional licenses. For healthcare organizations, we provide a management tool that offers a real-time overview of compliance for risk mitigation. Mocingbird is based in Rhode Island and was founded by Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Dr. Ian Madom and Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. George Fernaine.


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