The healthcare landscape is continuously evolving to become more digitized. With a burst of innovators coming into the healthcare world, comes growing pains as these organizations need to scale.

In this episode of our vlog series, “The Source of Truth”, Madaket’s Martin Cody is joined by colleague Ted Achtem, Chief Innovation Officer, where they discuss Madaket’s start, what problems they were seeking to solve and how it has evolved since day one.

00:23 | Describe the role of the Chief Innovation Officer at Madaket.

00:59 | In the beginning, what problems did Madaket initially aim to solve?

2:08 | Who would benefit from adopting the Madaket platform?

3:27 | How does Madaket facilitate data accuracy?

4:48 | How does Madaket’s platform help innovative companies move into the healthcare space?

6:12 | Why would a PE firm want to invest in an MSO and what is the ROI on that investment?

7:29 | Should faxes still be necessary in healthcare?

Listen in as Martin and Ted discuss how Madaket can help healthcare organizations scale at the speed that they need by providing support for administrative tasks as they grow. Using the Madaket solution can also assist in ensuring accurate data – which can be a hang-up and source of frustration many organizations face.

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