With the infinite pieces of data flowing through multiple systems for payers and providers, having accurate data makes all the difference. And on top of that, accurate data that requires little manual work is even better. But as a healthcare industry how do we get there?

That’s why we started a vlog series, “The Source of Truth”. Join Madaket’s own Martin Cody as he interviews experts in the EDI world. For the first two episodes, Martin speaks with Madaket’s CEO, Eric Demers, about EDI enrollments, and credentialing and verification.

In this episode, “Credentialing and Payer Enrollment from the Provider Perspective”, Martin and Eric discuss how we’ve used our flagship product, EDI, to help providers directly with the payer credentialing process — what we call payer enrollment. In most cases, providers have already shared with payers or intermediaries the information needed to be paid, so why are administrative efforts being duplicated to send redundant data?

00:30 | What has Madaket done with EDI and where are we going with credentialing and verification?

4:12 | What are the benefits for providers of using Madaket’s platform?

Listen in as Eric and Martin discuss saving time and creating more efficient and automated credentialing processes for providers. It’s time for providers get back to what they really want to do – provide exceptional care for their patients.

Did you miss episode one on EDI enrollments? Watch here.

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