Ensuring your provider directory is up to date every 90 days is one of the many requirements enforced by the No Surprises Act (NSA). To complicate things further, providers and health plans are required to track changes in data that’s, well, constantly changing.

Check out our latest Madaket Minute to stay in the know on all the mandatory provider directory updates and how Madaket’s Provider Data Exchange Platform can keep you compliant.

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Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Madaket Minute, where we break down all of the pressing things happening in healthcare this minute. My name is Martin Cody of Madaket Health, and today we’re going to be discussing one of the challenges within the No Surprises Act. Specifically, updating the provider directory.

At a high level, this requirement states that health plans and providers must update directories and attest to this information every 90 days. More importantly, a health plan actually has to make provider updates within 48 hours of receipt.

So think about this. Let’s say a health plan has 30,000 providers in it. These providers are sending that health plan changes on a daily basis. New fax number, new phone number, new provider entering the practice, several providers leaving the practice, new office location. These are coming in at a very, very frantic pace. The health plan has to verify receipt of these in 24 hours, make updates and changes within 48 hours, and then actually attest to this information — that it’s accurate — every 90 days.

At Madaket, we help them solve this problem with the launch of our Provider Data Exchange platform. Now, they don’t have to staff up for this. We can send this information to as many payer plans as they desire and receive in thousands of changes, correlate the data so that they can be in immediate compliance from day one. Talk to us at Madaket Health. We’re here to help.

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