Healthcare leaders’ transparency about directory inaccuracies marks a pivotal shift.

Leaders from top healthcare organizations have acknowledged a critical issue: provider directory inaccuracies. This admission marks a significant step towards resolving data accuracy challenges that underpin crucial aspects of healthcare delivery.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Martin Cody. Welcome to another Madaket Minute. I am coming to you live from AHIP 2024, in Las Vegas.

The AHIP team that did a fantastic job. It’s been an amazing three days of panels, discussions, meetings, networking, I want to tell you about one panel in particular because I think I felt the earth shift beneath my feet.

So it was a panel that featured Stacy Eiselstein, Shane Hochradel of UnitedHealth Group, Mike Kane, I’m sorry, Shane is with Elevance, Mike Kane with United, and Amy Martinez with Blue Cross, Blue Shield of North Carolina. Stacy is with Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Tennessee.

And all of them on the panel admitted that their directories are not accurate. And as a matter of fact, they’re striving to get up to 50%. So they also admitted they caused the problem.

That is a huge amount of transparency, which is much needed in this industry if we’re going to fix the data accuracy problems.

So, provider directory accuracy is paramount. It is foundational to everything downstream GF’s, price transparency, in-network out-of-network charges all of it stems from provider data accuracy.

We can do better. We have to do better.

Medicare has actually solved this problem, but I love the fact that these leaders and titans in the industry have admitted the directories are not accurate.

Stay tuned. Coming up for another market minute and we will be back to you from the studio.

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