The JAMA Network Open recently published shocking findings from a study revealing how messy and inaccurate provider directories really are.

Whether you’re a health plan, provider, or patient, provider directory accuracy is a critical component of a successful healthcare system. In this Madaket Minute, we provide valuable insight into this complex industry challenge and how Madaket Health’s Provider Data Exchange (PDX) can help.

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Video Transcript:

Hello again and welcome to another installment of the Madaket Minute, where we break down all things that are pressing in healthcare at this minute. My name is Martin Cody of Madaket Health, and today we’re going to be discussing an article that recently appeared in the JAMA Open Network.

This is a very disturbing article on provider directories accuracy, that is, especially if your company name is Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Elevance or United Healthcare. This article broke down that of the 450,000 providers that were analyzed of the 635,000 providers in the Medicare database, 81% of their information was inaccurate across those five health payers. Think about that.

Multiple providers were listed in more than one directory and the information from directory to directory isn’t the same. So, things that are inconsistent include practice locations, whether or not the provider is even practicing at that location. This is all going to impact whether they can provide a good faith estimate, whether that provider is listed in network or out of network. We have to get the data more accurate.

Give us a call at Madaket Health. Our new provider data exchange does all this for you and does it fast.

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