The No Surprises Act is aimed at protecting patients from unexpected medical costs like surprise billing. Surprise billing is often the result of providers being unexpectedly out of network, and one of the many reasons provider directories must be regularly updated.

Our advice for getting the most up-to-date provider information: follow the dollar. When a provider has a change in their information, one of the first places they’ll update is their banking information or their practice information so they can continue receiving payments electronically. When looking for the most accurate information, you can count on these sources to have the freshest provider data.

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Video Transcript:

Hello again, everyone, and welcome to another installment of the Madaket Minute. My name is Martin Cody with Madaket Health, and in this Madaket Minute, we’re going to be discussing Medical Credentialing Software and the No Surprises Act.

One of the many things the No Surprises Act does is to protect us as healthcare consumers from an element they refer to as Surprise Billing. Now, we’ve talked about that in prior Minutes, but just as a refresher, this is the scenario where you get a bill—five months later, six months later—that you had no idea was coming. This is impacted by whether or not your provider, among other things, is in network or out of network, and that’s driven entirely by the accuracy of your provider directory.

Now, when a provider makes changes to their directory or to any information about themselves, where do you think they make that change first? CAQH? LexisNexis? Or more importantly, their banking information and practice information so they can receive payments electronically? Correct.

Follow the dollar. It’s always going to be the freshest data as it relates to the provider— the banking information. That’s where Madaket comes in. Our provider directory information is the freshest in the industry. We can help you.

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