Payer enrollment is a tedious process that takes place during a healthcare provider’s new payer network onboarding. With so many moving parts, important information like state licensing status and personal details are often neglected, further complicating and extending the process. Don’t you wish all of that could be avoided? Oh, wait – it can!

Watch the latest installment of the Madaket Minute to get the scoop on credentialing management software, what it can do for you, and how Madaket can help your admin ops team work smarter, not harder.

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Video Transcript:

My name is Martin Cody with Madaket Health, and in this Minute, we’re going to talk about credentialing management software, or payer enrollment – how to choose.

Keep in mind, payer enrollment is the act of a provider requesting participation in a health insurance plan network, completing all of the paperwork that that plan requires, including attachments, and submitting these items to the payer and then waiting for a period of time before they are accepted and then signing a contract. Once that entire process is complete, they are credentialed.

A credentialing management software, on the other hand, actually manages both this process from an overview perspective and keeps track of expirables, keeps track of licenses, keeps track of whether or not this provider is legally able to provide services in the state where they are licensed.

These two things are distinct because payer enrollment is a subset of the credentialing process, but a very, very important subset because there are nearly 900 payers with multiple plans in the United States, and all of these plan requirements are different. However, there is a way to track all this, automate all this — and this is where Madaket can help you

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