The Madaket Solution

Madaket automates provider enrollment

A typical healthcare provider works with 25 payers. That means a lot of paperwork just to get paid. We make enrolling easier: one web form to access all payers.

Current enrollments are manual, slow and error-prone

It takes months for providers to complete enrollments with payers. Imagine the time wasted in an industry with more than 750,000 providers and over 3,000 payers. Madaket is changing this.

We handle all the forms, processes, and data requirements

Keeping track of each payer’s unique requirements is a pain. We take care of remembering all of the details. Just click “Enroll.”

Improving the provider-payer relationship

There are over 7 million enrollments in the US every year, and many million more provider-payer communications in between. Madaket simplifies the process, helping improve stakeholder relationships.

Find out how Madaket can help speed up manual processes and payments for your medical practice today.