Most companies display their logo and name in brass letters. Few can boast of a “corporate quilt.” Visitors to Madaket’s office at Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA see precisely that – our name and company colors proudly displayed on a quilt that hangs high above the open work area.

Madaket is making rapid progress towards our mission of revolutionizing data exchange between healthcare providers and payers, all the while maintaining a family-friendly culture that the team here loves. The “Madaket quilt” is just another one of Janet Dougherty’s contributions to her husband / our CEO Jim’s latest venture. (Madaket’s namesake also comes from Janet, as do the occasional home-baked cookies that appear in our pantry).

Janet, a long-time quilt hobbyist, got the idea for making the Madaket quilt after seeing our logo. “I liked the geometric shapes in the logo, which lends to quilting,” Janet recounts.

The quilt took Janet a few months to make and she had a little help from our UX designer John. “The hardest part was getting the letters in, figuring out what the font was and getting the curves right. John knew enough about fonts to identify so I could print them out for cutting.”

The Madaket quilt is just a small quirk that makes working here a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to seeing Janet’s next project – a quilt depicting classic New England lighthouses – (hopefully) displayed in the office.

Team Madaket wishes everyone a happy holiday weekend surrounded by family and friends. Gobble gobble!

Yellow to purple gradiented Madaket Logo with Madaket text in white