Madaket helps partner organizations significantly grow their provider EDI enrollment

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – March 24, 2021 – Madaket Health, a provider data exchange platform enabling automated information flow between healthcare payers and providers, announced today the renewal of a current partnership with ABILITY Network. During the initial contract with ABILITY, a leader in information technology, Madaket’s EDI solution was used to support ABILITY in its efforts to improve administrative processes for healthcare providers and payers.

Madaket’s EDI solution, the company’s flagship platform application, has assisted customers in submitting data to payers and clearinghouses accurately and efficiently. Since the inception of the relationship, Madaket has helped to enable significant provider EDI enrollment growth. Madaket’s platform supports the accuracy of data being passed between payers and, by design, can eliminate the administrative inaccuracies that can negatively impact productivity in healthcare.

“In the past few years, we have brought to market more mature and robust solutions, and we credit our partner clients for collaborating closely with us on this journey to make this possible,” said Eric Demers, CEO of Madaket Health.  “As we continue to move forward, we’ll continue to address the industry data exchange inefficiencies to aid providers and payers in focusing less on administrative work and more on providing care to their patients.”

Aiming to decrease the administrative burdens in healthcare, Madaket has recently launched an additional platform application, Payer Enrollment, that aids providers in credentialing with healthcare payers. Madaket’s technology is designed to enable providers to streamline an otherwise time-consuming, tedious, and reoccurring process. Through its EDI enrollment and payer enrollment applications, Madaket has continued to grow its provider database. Now, more than 65% of provider groups in the U.S. exchange data for these transactions through the Madaket platform.

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