Paul Levy, former President/CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a friend to Madaket, wrote about us on his Not Running a Hospital blog this week. In his post, Paul praised Madaket’s simple, elegant solution and contrasts our approach to IBM’s:

“Note the design: All web-based, user friendly, and infinitely scalable. In addition, the existence of Madaket will pull those insurers who currently rely on paper and faxes into the same web-based environment, further enhancing its (Madaket’s) deliverability and efficiency over time.”

Thanks, Paul!

Here’s a bit of Madaket trivia. Paul’s post is humorously titled, “Madaket is not just a beach on Nantucket.” Madaket beach is actually near the hometown of Janet, wife of Jim Dougherty, our CEO and co-founder. Janet’s family worked as whalers in Madaket hundreds of years ago. When Jim needed a name for a new company he was starting with co-founders Ted, Mads and Scott, the thinking was, “Let’s use Madaket until we have a better idea.” Well, the name has stuck and we like the bit of personal history it brings to our mission!