Paul Levy, former President/CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a friend to Madaket, wrote about us on his Not Running a Hospital blog this week. In his post, Paul praised Madaket’s simple, elegant solution and contrasts our approach to IBM’s:

“Note the design: All web-based, user friendly, and infinitely scalable. In addition, the existence of Madaket will pull those insurers who currently rely on paper and faxes into the same web-based environment, further enhancing its (Madaket’s) deliverability and efficiency over time.”

Thanks, Paul!

Here’s a bit of Madaket trivia. Paul’s post is humorously titled, “Madaket is not just a beach on Nantucket.” Madaket beach is actually near the hometown of Janet, wife of Jim Dougherty, our CEO and co-founder. Janet’s family worked as whalers in Madaket hundreds of years ago. When Jim needed a name for a new company he was starting with co-founders Ted, Mads and Scott, the thinking was, “Let’s use Madaket until we have a better idea.” Well, the name has stuck and we like the bit of personal history it brings to our mission!

Yellow to purple gradiented Madaket Logo with Madaket text in white