New research from The Journal of General Internal Medicine shows that physicians require an average of 26.7 hours per day to carry out necessary administrative tasks and provide adequate, guideline-recommended care to patients. When it comes to helping physicians prioritize their clinical and non-clinical workloads, automation of tedious administrative tasks can dramatically benefit physicians and patients on a wide scale.

PCPs are seeking options to improve their time management and spend more time focusing on providing the best care for their patients. Madaket CEO Eric writes in Medical Economics about the importance of implementing scalable automated solutions to reduce costs of care and do the heavy administrative lifting for physicians. Read more in Medical Economics.

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Our Madaket Minute video series breaks down micro-topics in healthcare to help explain how our solution saves your practice time and money. Watch Madaket Customer Success Manager, Rebecca Wildermuth, explain the Counseling Compact and its importance to providing expedited pathway to licensure for qualified physicians – Watch here.

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