It’s estimated that simplifying healthcare administration could save the industry $250 million. Unfortunately, the industry is plagued by a lingering old-school, siloed approach that traps data, made worse by antiquated systems that can’t work together to handle growing complexity. To fix the problem, the industry needs to embrace an all-in-one, administration-specific data management platform (DMP).

Madaket CEO Eric Demers writes in MedCityNews why automation is a realistic and meaningful way to reduce care costs by making it easier for payers and providers to complete administrative work and reign in administrative waste—a feat that, with buy-in to DMPs from entities throughout the industry, would spark a sea change to drive down spending. Read more in MedCityNews.

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Bringing Speed, Precision, and Efficiency to Provider Credentialing

MedNetworx provides fully integrated IT solutions to medical practices across the country. One of these solutions is credentialing—verifying that every provider’s licenses, certifications, and skills are accurate and on file—an in-house process that placed a significant manual burden on the MedNetworx team.

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