Latest Partnership Brings Seamless Enrollment Services to More Providers

Cambridge, MA—Madaket Health today announced its partnership with TriZetto Provider Solutions whose services touch over half of the US’s insured population and reach some 300,000 healthcare providers. Using Madaket’s technology, TriZetto will dramatically improve the speed at which it helps healthcare providers enroll with payers in a variety of electronic services, including electronic funds transfer (EFT), electronic remittance advice (ERA), and electronic data interchange for claims (EDI).

“Madaket Health is excited to announce our partnership with TriZetto,” said Madaket CEO and Co-founder, Jim Dougherty. “TriZetto has forged relationships with hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers. They now use our technology to support providers with a simple, automated way of enrolling in common electronic services with payers.”

TriZetto uses Madaket’s technology to perform all provider enrollments with payers. Madaket’s service features an intuitive, web-based interface that requires little training to get started. Users have access to a single online form and a checklist of all 3,000+ US payers. Madaket hides the complexity of the enrollment process, so users do not have to track thousands of forms and changing requirements from each payer. With just one click, a provider’s data is sent to all the payers with whom they have a relationship.

“The partnership between TriZetto and Madaket pushes enrollment efficiency and effectiveness to new heights,” said Richard Foster, former Board member at athenahealth, Inc., and Emeritus Director of McKinsey & Company, Inc. “Madaket brings a novel and very efficient platform for data exchange between providers and payers. TriZetto’s implementation will save a lot of time, money, and frustration for many doctors and administrators. Others will also certainly find Madaket’s solution to be attractive.”

Latest Partnership Grows the Madaket Network

Last year, over seven million enrollments were done in the US. Each one took up to eight weeks to process. Madaket’s automated service brings a huge productivity boost to the healthcare industry. Faster enrollments mean faster payments for providers, fewer errors, and less manual follow-up work for payers (who typically spend 20% of call center time on answering enrollment questions from providers).

“Working with TriZetto helps bring Madaket’s services to an even larger audience,” said Dougherty. “TriZetto is helping grow our network of providers at a phenomenal rate. As more payers participate in our network as well, the industry is moving closer to full digital machine-to-machine data exchange.”

About Madaket

Madaket Health automates US healthcare provider enrollments with payers. With its SaaS offering, Madaket ensures that enrollments are processed much more quickly than the manual, error-prone processes now used by most companies. Through channel partners, Madaket is currently bringing more than 600,000 providers into its system. Madaket also supports more than 3,000 payers. Founded in 2012 and based in Cambridge, MA, Madaket’s team includes seasoned enterprise software engineers and entrepreneurs, and is funded by investments from F-Prime Capital Partners, Lux Capital, Allen & Company LLC, and Waterline Ventures, as well as prominent angel investors. For more information about Madaket, visit


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