In this episode of “The Source of Truth,” Martin Cody interviews Program Management, Leah Feinberg on the ways Madaket works to optimize the enrollment process for payers, clearinghouses and providers.

1:53 | How can an organization get providers quickly enrolled with payers?

3:05 | How does Madaket work with payers to create a faster provider enrollment?

3:52 | What’s an example of a payer bottleneck your team helped alleviate?

5:29 | What would surprise most payers about how their provider enrollment business functions?

6:43 | What’s on the horizon for Madaket working directly with providers?

As a manager on the program management team, Leah works closely with payers and clearinghouses during the onboarding process, focusing on electronic data interchange and enrollment processes. She delves into the benefits of automation for payers and clearinghouses, what it’s like to work with payers to develop an efficient enrollment process for providers, and how Madaket works with payers to create customized processes based on specific needs.

Toward the end of the video, Leah also discusses plans in the near future to work directly with providers on provider enrollment. Tune in to hear this discussion of the enrollment process, and learn how Madaket can help.

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