With the infinite pieces of data flowing through multiple systems for payers and providers just to get paperwork done, having accurate data makes all the difference. Accurate data that requires little manual work is even better. So, as a healthcare industry, how do we get there?

That’s why we started a vlog series, “The Source of Truth”. Join Madaket’s own Martin Cody as he interviews experts across the Madaket team and the industry on topics related to improving provider data exchange. For the first two episodes, Martin speaks with Madaket’s CEO, Eric Demers, about EDI enrollments and credentialing and verification.

In this episode, “EDI Enrollments: Providers, Payers, Intermediaries and Where Madaket Fits In”, Martin and Eric discuss how information flows between intermediaries, providers and payers so providers can receive payment for their services. It’s a tough process to manage for all parties. And Madaket can ease the friction for both sides.

0:33 | Can you tell us about Madaket’s expertise in EDI?

1:42 | Who handles EDI functionality?

2:32 | Where does Madaket sit? And what is its role?

3:46 | How do both the provider and the clearinghouse win?

Once enrollment data is collected and sent off to each individual payer, it’s near impossible to check each enrollment form for each provider that is sent to each payer. For a practice with 10 clinicians that each work with 10 different payers, that’s 100 forms to keep track of. Most clinicians work with at least twice that many payers. This is where Madaket’s platform helps. Watch the vlog to learn how using intermediaries using an EDI platform can cut down administrative burden and time for all.

Interested in credentialing and payer enrollment? Watch episode two here.

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