Whitepaper: Integrated, Connected Payer Enrollment

A digital solution for a $2 billion, paper-based healthcare problem

In 2011, the CAQH estimated that the inefficiencies of payer enrollment and credentialing created $2.1 billion dollars in administrative waste annually for healthcare payers and providers. Read our new whitepaper to see how your organization can automate and streamline credentialing to eliminate the tedious, error-prone processes that distract payers and providers from what’s most important: the care.

Overview: A significant but often overlooked driver of administrative burden is the administrative taskwork involved in provider data management. Identifying efficiencies that can reduce the time and work required to perform the credentialing and Payer Enrollment processes represents is a simple, but profound way to return time and valuable resources to providers, payers and everyone in between.

In this whitepaper, we dig into:

    • The credentialing and payer enrollment landscape
    • The burdensome processes that it entails
    • The issues left unaddressed by current solutions
    • The advantages of an automated data repository

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