In this episode of “The Source of Truth,” Martin Cody interviews VP of Customer Engagement, Rob Bradley on the specific ways that Madaket improves efficiency and provider relationships for clearinghouses.

1:01 | What factors make the transition of a clearinghouse successful?

1:54 | What is the benchmark target for a clearinghouse transition?

2:42 | What benefits do the clearinghouses see from the workflow engine?

5:19 | What is the timeline on enrollments with the Madaket workflow engine?

6:40 | How have mergers impacted the clearinghouse business?

8:50 | What advice would you give payers, providers, and clearinghouses?

Rob has been with Madaket for over five years, diving into the deep end with our clearinghouse customers to help them better serve their providers. He discusses what it’s like for providers to pick up and move clearinghouses, and how the clearinghouses can make that a smoother process and gain more customers. Rob also discusses benchmarks: What’s a good turnaround time for a full transaction’s lifecycle? How quickly are your providers getting data back to you? How quickly are you hearing back from payers?

Toward the end of the video, Rob and Martin also discuss clearinghouse mergers and how to navigate those when it comes to provider data management. Tune in to hear this discussion of common clearinghouse issues, and learn how Madaket can help.

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