Whitepaper: Automating Enrollments to Reduce Administrative Waste in Healthcare

The case for ending paper-based data exchange between providers and payers

The 2017 CAQH Index estimates that moving from manual to electronic transactions could save the healthcare industry $9.4 billion each year. Download your free copy of the whitepaper to see how your organization can contribute to cutting out the manual, error-prone processes that have no place in the business of healthcare.

Overview: The Affordable Care Act mandated reducing paperwork and administrative costs, yet the healthcare industry still relies heavily on paper-based communications and records – particularly in administrative processes. There has been progress in patient-facing and clinical data, but the 13.9 billion administrative transactions – EDI, ERA, EFT, etc. – remain highly inefficient.

This whitepaper will illuminate:

    • Why manual processes for enrollments are inefficient
    • The administrative waste that they create
    • The gaps that piecemealed solutions leave
    • The benefits of automation

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