The Madaket Story

Madaket was founded by the same team that in the early 2000s successfully built the first all-web, SaaS cloud subscription service for the financial services industry, IntraLinks. IntraLinks not only survived the bursting of the dot-com bubble – it thrived, raising $50m in early 2001. Our management team grew the IntraLinks solution into the market standard for complex communications in financial services industry transactions. In 2012, as momentum for change in the healthcare industry grew, the same team came together again to apply a proven solution to a new problem. We are using our expertise to become the organizing entity in the messy world of provider-payer enrollments.

Our Team

We are a dynamic group of seasoned entrepreneurs, MIT nerds, New England locals, and international transplants. We have come together to build our shared vision for doing things better into a reality for the healthcare industry.

Careers at Madaket

We are looking for exceptional people to join in our mission to improve the business of healthcare.

Harvard Square

Madaket is headquartered in Harvard Square and embraces the dynamism and diversity of the Square – and proximity to talented people who flock to Cambridge for its abundant opportunities.

Find out how Madaket can help speed up manual processes and payments for your medical practice today.