Powered by Madaket

The engineers at Madaket headquarters in Cambridge, MA and at our partner Echo (a HealthStream company) in Brentwood, TN have been busy perfecting our joint enrollment software offering, EchoOneEDI, for healthcare providers.

Since officially launching our company in September – after working under the radar for three years – Madaket has supported tens of thousands of provider-payer enrollments through our user-friendly web interface.

Now, providers can also access our “one click to enroll” services through Echo’s leading OneApp credentialing software. EchoOneEDI is a new product, jointly designed by Madaket and Echo, to make providers’ lives easier when they enroll in electronic services likeElectronic Remittance Advice (ERA), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and Electronic Data Interchange for Claims (EDI).

Providers who sign up for EchoOneEDI through Echo will see “Powered by Madaket” on their screens. This means they can now complete the entire enrollment process online. Behind the familiar OneApp interface providers see is Madaket’s growing database of 625,000+ providers and a powerful engine that connects users to every single one of the over 3,000 payers in the US. Filling out forms and submitting them to payers is now as easy as clicking on the “Enroll” button!

Madaket’s online portal and behind-the-scenes engine powering EchoOneEDI are two ways for providers to access the same great solution. For more information, contact us here.